Getting Started with the Clear API

Learn how to get data in and out of Clear through its RESTful API.


This is exactly how APIs work

With the Clear API, you can access many objects that you can access through the site itself, such as regions and registrations.


For most endpoints, you will need an API token and secret. If you do not have one, we have provided a public-access token/secret pair with limited capabilities:

  • Token: 1YZiGaj3baaLU8IKVsASRIWaNF2oJNg0
  • Secret: 1COMnWyGnGBsNqkhaZ6WMBWB9UWZw6QZ


For some endpoints, you will also need a special permission, such as admin and internal. These are granted to applications that have access to sensitive data or can perform destructive actions. If you really think you need one of these, ask @tjhorner on slack.

API Reference

Everything you can do with the Clear API is located at the API reference!